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Unlocking Performance: Introducing HappiHacking's New Course on BEAM

Posted: 2023-05-23
Categories: BEAM, Course, Service, Performance

We're thrilled to announce our latest offering: an in-depth course dedicated to understanding and optimizing performance in BEAM, the virtual machine that powers Erlang and Elixir programming languages.

Our course offers you the tools and knowledge to truly harness the power of BEAM, with a curriculum covering essential topics such as:

Thinking in Processes: BEAM's unique strength lies in its process-oriented design, offering massive scalability and robust error handling. This course segment demystifies concurrent programming, guiding learners to think in processes, a foundational shift that can supercharge your coding efficiency.

Memory & Garbage Collection (GC): Master the nuances of memory management within the BEAM environment. We'll dive deep into the inner workings of BEAM's real-time garbage collection, a crucial knowledge area for writing efficient, high-performance code.

Data and Scheduling: Learn the art of data management and scheduling in BEAM's concurrent system. This section explains how BEAM schedules processes and manages data, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy loads.

IO: This module explores input/output operations, often the bottleneck in application performance. We'll take a granular look at BEAM's approach to IO, providing practical strategies for optimization.

The VM and The Compiler: Get up close with the BEAM Virtual Machine and its compiler. We provide an in-depth exploration of these core components, shedding light on their roles in the overall system performance.

Operations, Monitoring, and Debugging: To run a successful application in production, one must know how to monitor, debug, and perform various operations efficiently. Our course equips you with these critical skills, turning potential challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Performance: Finally, we delve into performance optimization. Armed with knowledge from the previous sections, you'll learn how to fine-tune your BEAM-powered applications for maximum speed and efficiency.

Whether you're an experienced developer looking to elevate your BEAM-related projects or a beginner intrigued by the unique possibilities of Erlang and Elixir, this course is a valuable resource.

Much of the content in the course is based on the the Beam Book available for free online.

- Happi

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