Our passion – customers with high expectations and complex problems

We are developers passionate about coding and solving problems! What others see as impossible just get us going, the more complex and novel the challenge the better.

Beyond expectations

We take great pride in providing solutions to our customers' problems and needs, that are far beyond their expectations — solutions that are state of the art regarding maintainability, scalability and robustness.

We are also passionate about programming languages, language design and the language Erlang in particular. We use the best tools and languages for the task at hand.

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We are specialists -
with a never ending curiosity

We believe in being good at what we are doing. By good we mean really, really good … We are specialized in quickly producing valuable results in, for example

  • Analyzing demanding software problems
  • Designing solutions for non-trivial problems and requirements
  • Implementing robust, scalable and maintainable system solutions for complex and demanding needs
  • Designing system architecture

Our deep competences

  • Backend solutions
  • Transaction-heavy systems
  • Building scalable, 24/7 robust and maintainable systems
  • Performance optimization
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Algorithms
  • Compilers
  • Virtual machines
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Our services

Full scale solutions for new systems and services

  • Create architectural design for new systems and services
  • Implement chosen architecture with the highest standard of robustness, maintainability and scalability

Deep-dive analysis and problem solving

  • Analyze existing systems to see if they are built with optimal design and implementation for current and future needs
  • Identify root causes of problems
  • Provide possible solutions
  • Implement possible solutions

Knowledge transfer

Having experts making analyses/implementations/designs and go through them with the customer’s team is an excellent opportunity to improve the skills in the team, both in terms of the knowledge of their existing system, new systems and system architecture in general.

Project management

Providing the right level of project management and agility needed by the customer to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Team management

Highly skilled and with long experience in managing and making teams gel, perform and deliver.

Top level management

Experience of scaling organizations and engineering units, including expansion to new markets and countries.

Assignment examples

Global block chain

æternity is a major European project that develops a blockchain, see aeternity.com As part of the core team, we designed and developed a new blockchain in Erlang. We also implemented, among other things, FATE, a virtual machine for the programming language Sophia (used for smart contracts), block validation and Merkle trees for state management. Thanks to our engagement and competence, the core team delivered successfully all milestones in a timely fashion and with top level quality.

Secure payments

Global payment service provider
Expert from us was assigned as appointed expert advisor for a major Swedish global payment service provider's core system and for system development in Erlang. The tasks included areas such as system development, architecture, monitoring and product development. Thanks to our help and expertise, the customer was able to stabilize their most vital system and thus meet the demands of increased traffic and demands from their customers.

Innovative data streaming

One of Europe's largest telecom provider
We were chosen to help a major German telecom provider designing and implementing new IoT services for their customers. We delivered an architecture and proof-of-concept solution for high volume data gathering and analysis, handling billions of messages per day.

We are hiring

We believe we are not alone. That there are others out there that, like us, want to solve the kind of problems that others see as (nearly) impossible. That the best way to do this is together with really talented and nice colleagues, while having fun, with the common purpose of making the customers more than satisfied. If this applies to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About us

From building large backend systems that helped redefine the payment industry to helping multiple startups succeed, we have the competence, experience and drive to help our customers realize their ideas and conquer their challenges.

About us

From building large backend systems that helped redefine the payment industry to helping multiple startups succeed, we have the competence, experience and drive to help our customers realize their ideas and conquer their challenges.

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