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Erik Stenman

CEO, Happi Hacking AB


Dr. Erik Stenman has extensive technical expertise and leadership experience in fintech and software development. His career spans over three decades, during which time he has excelled in architecting high-performance systems and leading technology-driven business strategies. Erik’s unique blend of skills suits him for technical leadership roles where strategic innovation and customer satisfaction are paramount.


HappiHacking AB 2014 - now

Founder & Senior Developer HappiHacking AB

Recruited and managed a team of skilled developers to deliver complex software solutions. Led the architecture and development of systems for handling over 1 billion daily events, demonstrating expertise in high availability and scalable systems.

Klarna Bank 2005 - 2014

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Chief Scientist

Erik oversaw the expansion of Klarna’s development department from 1 to 80 people. He led the development and operation of Klarna's payment systems, focusing on high availability, robustness, and performance enhancements to support scalability and customer satisfaction.

Virtutech AB 2004 - 2005

Senior Developer

Optimized Simics, a full computer simulator, enhancing product performance and efficiency.

Key Projects and Achievements


PhD in Computer Science 1999 - 2002 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Licentiate in Computer Science 1996 - 1999 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Master's of Science in Computer Science 1992 - 1996 Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


Recent assignments

HappiHacking 2014 - Present

Founder & Senior Developer

Technical Advisory & Architecture Leadership

Scania/Traton 2023 - Present

Interim Chief Engineer / Cloud Architect

Kindio AB 2022 - Present

Startup Architect & Project Manager

Deutsche Telekom 2019 - 2021

Senior Developer & Architect

Doorling AB 2015 - 2020


Chairman & Educator 2016 - Present

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